Our Mercyhealth at Home – Home Health Team

Mercyhealth at Home home health specially trained staff cares for you under the direction of your doctor.

Registered nurses

Nurses are on call 24 hours a day to provide a wide range of skilled services, including cardiopulmonary assessment, diabetes education, medication education, wound care, enterostomal therapy, infusion therapy and intravenous therapy. Specially trained nurses provide palliative and transitional care, as well as comfort care services including pain and symptom management.

Physical and occupational therapists

Physical therapists set up home exercise programs for people following joint-replacement surgery, injury, or serious illness. Occupational therapists help you maximize your independence at home by evaluating your ability to care for yourself, making recommendations for equipment, developing home exercise programs, and coordinating home care modifications, supplies, and equipment.

Speech therapists

Speech Therapist help patients with a broad scope of speech, language, swallowing, and voice issues involving communication and cognitive deficits. They accomplish this with a variety of strategies that could include a specialized exercise program and or compensatory techniques.

Medical social workers

Medical social workers help you and your family with long-term planning such as advance directives, alternative placement, and continuum of care plans. They also can connect you to important community resources such as funding options, adult day care, Meals On Wheels, and other community programs.

Home health aides

Home health aides help you while you recover from illness or injury. They offer important personal care including bathing, dressing, transferring, feeding, assistance with medically oriented tasks, and exercise routines, all while promoting your independence.

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